So, really....who are we?

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[Austin]: the Left-Handed OnE

Someone once described the two of us as 1 + 1 = 3, because we get stuff done! Plus, there are a ton of brother duos in this film business, but where are the sister duos with weird matching boys' names?

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[Westin]: the right-handed one


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The RAY SISTERS, comprised of co-directors and sisters Austin & Westin Ray, grew up on an aquaculture farm on the Californian/Mexican border. When they weren't picking up tarantulas, they were inventing stories of time travel to Ancient Egypt. Collaborating together, the RAY SISTERS have shot documentaries in Iceland, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Their narrative films and branded content have won awards at the Directors Guild of America, Austin Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, HBO, & Moët & Chandon. In addition to their co-directing work, Westin has produced music videos for Interscope and short films that have appeared on VICE, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Short of the Week. Austin, as a film music composer, has scored films that have won Student Academy Awards and BAFTAs, premiered at Telluride Film Festival, and commercials for BMW and United Nations, as well as winning the 2019 Kinsale Shark Award for Best New Music Composer. The RAY SISTERS were recently selected for SHOOT Magazine’s 2019 New Directors Showcase, sponsored by the DGA.

The RAY SISTERS currently work as film/commercial co-directors/cinematographers.

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