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A collection of work [narrative + documentary] written, directed, edited & produced by Westin Ray + Austin Ray.

(1-min. TRAILER) THE listening box ©2015 CREATed by the ray sisters

[westin ray]: director / writer / co-producer

[Austin Ray]: Music Composer / editor / co-producer

(7-min.) KARA ©2016, Director, JOE SILL

[Production Company]: Whitelist.

[westin ray]: PRODUCER

[Austin Ray]: Music Composer                                                                           

Alunageorge - I Remember (Music video)

[Client]: Interscope Records

[Westin Ray]: Producer

[Daniel Iglesias Jr.]: Director

Alunageorge - My blood (Music video)

[client]: Interscope Records

[westin ray]: producer

[Daniel Iglesias Jr.]: DIRECTOR

(7-min.) Chiaroscuro ©2014, Director, Daniel Drummond

[Austin Ray]: Music Composer

(25-min.) into the silent sea ©2013, Director, andrej landin

[Austin Ray]: Music Composer                                                     

[westin ray]: Historical costume design                                   

[westin ray + austin ray]: Script editors

(7-MIN.) 24 Hours of daylight ©2014, documentary by the ray sisters       

(10-MIN.) ROCK 'n ROLL GENES ©2013, Documentary by the ray sisters

(6-min.) just keep smiling ©2016, sports Documentary

[co-DirectorS]: Dylan hogan & toby wosskow

[Client]: The players' tribune

[Austin Ray]: Music Composer     



(3-min.) Documentary / promo

[co-DirectorS]: Austin Ray & Westin Ray

[Client]: The Walt disney birthplace


Industry Insiders PHOTOGRAPHY

2013, 2014, 2015 [Austin Ray + Westin Ray]

Covered events and panels featuring entertainment industry speakers at Dodge College of Film & Media Arts as its official photographers for in-house and trade publications.